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Oh wow, a document with classified markings from his time as vice president was found in Joe Biden's personal library. Oh wow, FBI agents even retrieved other documents from his garage in December. Other sensitive documents were found at the office of his former institute in Washington. Who planted them? Does anybody actually think anybody is ever going to figure that out?

Methinks I smell overkill. Did they plant any in his underwear?

I have a good idea. Why doesn't American Intelligence tell us why Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and then they can get on to exposing America's bigger mysteries. Baby steps, American Justice Department, baby steps...

In the meantime, Alan Dershowitz's latest argument is that Donald Trump will not be prosecuted for possessing classified documents because Joe Biden is just as bad.

Get it?

By the way, this sounds like what Richard Nixon did to destroy the career of a great American named Alger Hiss. Not surprisingly, the circus conviction of Alger Hiss brought U.S. Representative Richard M. Nixon to national prominence, and given what today's republicans are doing, they all clearly harbor similar delusions.

Only problem is, today's republicans are all very creepy and disgusting and the public is on to them. Nixon was certainly very creepy but the public did not know what he was upto and that's a big difference.

According to Tucker Carlson, "this is the beginning of the end of Joe Biden" and that delusion has already sprung a leak. The truth is, what is happening is absolutely predictable because, as long as the politically motivated jackasses who are planting classified documents in effort to create what Tucker Carlson calls "bundles of felonies" are not put to death for treason, what do you expect? That is exactly what should have happened to Richard Nixon if the rule of law was taken seriously, and then, justice would work. When justice does not matter, expect everything that is happening today.


Friday January 13, 2023

And make no mistake about it, Ugly Republican Schemes are always, precisely and grotesquely manufactured. In fact, on Tuesday January 10, 2023 Tucker Carlson said, "They always accuse you the very things they're doing themselves. If there's one rule you can keep on your fridge, write it down and put it in your wallet to evaluate the people in charge, it's that. They blame you for their sins every single time. The latest example arrived this week when we learned that Joe Biden, fresh from lecturing us about how Donald Trump is a criminal, because he had unauthorized possession of secret documents, that very same Joe Biden himself had unauthorized possession of secret documents -but don't worry, it's not a big deal. Unlike you and that dispicably orange Donald Trump, Joe Biden is a good person." For those who do not know the fiery propagandist, Tucker is being sarcastic when he says Biden is a "good person". In fact, he calls him a "moron".

By the way, for those who are historically ignorant, which is the majority in a world of extremely short memories, that is the very same line of thinking that is responsible for the absolutely wasteful impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

Some things are more transparent than we would like to think. Does anybody actually believe we would be discussing the manner in which Joe Biden stores classified documents right now if the FBI had arrested Donald Trump when it should have?

The current zeal to prove that Joe Biden mishandles classified documents is more extreme than the mere likelihood Biden was in fact careless in that regard and it is therefore reasonable to assume that republican lawbreakers have overplayed their hand.

Clearly, the grotesque contrast between public aim and fulfillment is being maintained through a climate where dirty tricks consistently mislead. Moreover, as long as contemporary reality is not soundly appraised, the fickle media should not pretend to be able to report the news because inadequate investigation merely confuses and without clarity, the truth is never revealed.

Nevertheless, the desire to taste reality exposes the worn-out plots that are supposed to give Donald Trump the opportunity to hijack the Republican Party again and the FBI will either rise to the challenge of meting out justice or it will become as irrelevant as the will of the Supreme Court.

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