The jury that found Rittenhouse to be not guilty was clearly tampered with, and that's based on what we know. First and foremost, the Judge, who is intelligent and biased, deliberately tried to confuse the jury so that it could rule as he wished -not guilty by virtue of the fact that Kyle was allegedly defending himself against rioters. That's why the defense was not allowed to call the men who were murdered, victims, but the jury did not buy it.

Consequently, the jury began to ask for clarification, and that lead to the path of trying to unravel the deliberate confusion. The defense went ballistic. It demanded a mistrial while the jury was deliberating.

What happened next opened the door to give one juror the opportunity to strongarm all the others. The judge provided one juror with a copy of all the jury instructions, and that created a scenario where a single "expert" was able to profess superiority, making the deliberations much different than they should have been.

Clearly, the juror who took home 36 pages of jury instructions was essentially deputized by a judge who provided one, to the exclusion of all others, the opportunity to assert that he or she was the chosen one and anybody who defied his or her will was not qualified to provide an opinion. It's an old gimmick but it works because nobody is in a position to dispute what nobody else has carefully reviewed.

Consequently, it is more reasonable to say that in this jury, one person made the decision and strong armed the rest to go along.

That is not how the jury system is supposed to work and it is therfore time to stop suggesting that justice can ever be served when the system is absolutely gamed as it was during the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Reasonable people who saw all the evidence and are not influenced by the false claim that the people who were murdered were not victims clearly understand the fact that Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty as charged and nothing will ever be able to change that.

The able prosecutor made it crystal clear that you cannot claim self-defense against a danger you create. Consequently, Kyle Rittenhouse and his enablers are Domestic Terrorists and that should never be acceptable to anybody in any nation where freedom matters.









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