Escape From Freedom.
Terrorism is Black Lies Falsely attributed to another source.

By Louis D. Thorpe

Truth about lies

It is next to impossible to be a well informed human being without adequate listening skills and psychiatrist, Scott Peck has provided us with the best explanation for the enormous gap in that regard. In his own words; "Even though we may feel in our business dealings or social relationships that we are listening very hard, what we are usually doing is listening selectively, with a present agenda in mind, wondering as we listen how we can achieve certain desired results and get the conversation over with as quickly as possible or redirected in ways more satisfactory to us."

Given the fact that listening skills are absolutely inadequate, it is no wonder that people are extremely easy to mislead in the name of "truth" and that's why today's brainwashed republicans invariably get it backwards.

The actual truth is, many people, republicans and democrats alike, despise freedom in the name of freedom, and this psychotic existence is currently driving people crazy.

Eric Fromm aptly titled his study of Nazism Escape From Freedom because people avoid the pain of responsibility and the consequence of escaping freedom should therefore not surprise anybody.

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